mandag den 6. oktober 2008

Raf Simons for Jil Sander F/W 08/09

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Gabriel sagde ...


These shots have been taken at my favorite store in Vienna. "Park" it's such a unique spot. Loove it! I spent quite some money there. haha.

x g

GAIA sagde ...

I really wan't all his mens stuff and womens!!
especially these ones !! or actually all of it (again)

I know, they are also from their website.
It's one of my favorite shops too. And Song too. Have you been to SONG?
They have Balenciaga (sigh and big smile) Margiela, TAO etc.

Vienna is a wonderful city !!


Gabriel sagde ...

yes I know Song. It's really nice.
I once fell in love with a seersucker suit by RAF for Raf Simons. that was in 06 i think. gosh!
I love Vienna; I don't know if I told you, but I used to live in Vienna for almost two years. I still miss it. very classy city.

oh: here's my fav margiela piece for this season... :-O

Gabriel sagde ...

hm I am no expert in posting pictures to blogs.

here is the link...

(the one on the button, very right)

GAIA sagde ...

really? How wonderful. Yes, Vienna is beautiful and wonderful.
I really love that it's true to itself in a way. I mean, that all the american fast foods are kinda hidden away. Not like in other cities with huge billboards in the middle of a shopping street. So ugly.

I've been in Vienna many times. My good friends lives there. Hermann.

Ah, that Margiela tunic/dress is amazing. The colours are parfais.
I love the Balenciaga PVC coat
number two
I'm going to buy the black dress from FW 08/09 show. The one Natasha Poly is wearing. Know which one I mean? (I'm too lazy to upload it on photobucket)
ha ha ha

Gabriel sagde ...

are you on skype or something. that would make chatting sooo much convenient.

skype username: augustgabriel

GAIA sagde ...

Ha ha ha, Gabriel.. I though you were another gabriel I know, hahahahaha.
Of course I know you lived in Vienna..
I'm such a fool!! sorry
ha ha